6 Benefits of Infant Massage

When most people think of massage services, they generally picture adults attending sessions at specialized spas. While this kind of massage therapy is very helpful for adults, learning to massage baby in Lee’s Summit, MO, can be very helpful for your infant as well. With two different ways to learn infant massage techniques through Signature Massage in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, and Leawood locations. A certified educator and massage therapist offers classroom-style training as well as private in-home instruction to teach parents the centuries-old massage techniques using handouts and guided demonstrations. The following is a list of 6 amazing benefits we have seen come from our infant massage training services.

1. Better Sleep

The act of massage can help to get the body in a more relaxed state, and often results in better sleep. If you are struggling with the sleep habits of your baby, then this is definitely something to consider pursuing.

2. Stronger Bonds

There is nothing like the bond between a parent and a baby. It is incredible to feel the love that can be had in these situations. Touch is the first sense a newborn develops.

3. More Flexibility

The process of birth is rather hard on the baby’s body. Your child has just been through something very physically demanding, and this can cause pinched muscles and tension.

4. Improved Circulation

When the body is in the right alignment, blood and fluids will flow better. This can lead to a lot of other important benefits for your child.

5. Easier Digestion

This is another very common reason for parents to learn infant massage techniques. Infant massage can help to loosen things up so that digestion is easy and painless.

6. Less Stress

This will result in less stress for the baby and for you. A happy baby makes for happy parents. If the stress of a newborn is getting to you, then a good massage could be helpful for everyone in the house.