Massage Services in Lee’s Summit



Signature Massage offers several ways to save!

    • Pay for 12 massages upfront and save $10 per massage*
    • Pay for 6 massages upfront and save $5 per massage*

*(Can be shared with immediate family members – encouraged to use within 6-12 months respectively – cannot be combined with any other special promotion or discounted price) 

Our Massage Therapy Services

The SIGNATURE – Level 1 (60 min. total body massage) $65

The SIGNATURE – Level 2 (90 min. total body massage) $90

It’s nothing short of 60 full minutes (or 90 minutes) of sheer bliss when Ellen pulls from her in-depth training in various massage modalities, unique to the Midwest. Incorporating a little bit of Swedish, myofascial release, Thai, a little Reflexology, and deep tissue, you’ll soon recognize why Ellen has become known for her personalized approach to a full body massage. The SIGNATURE incorporates the best of all modalities and is by far her clients’ massage of choice.  (2 hour sessions available and priced accordingly upon request.)

Upper Body Massage –  30 or 60 minutes available $40/$65

No time for a full body massage? Let us provide a complete upper body massage which includes neck and shoulders. You will feel energized, relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. 30 or 60 minute massages available.

Pregnancy Massage – $70

A salute to expectant mothers, this relaxing massage is nurturing for both the mother and baby and includes a full body massage as well as a hand and foot exfoliation upon request or instructional therapeutic stretching techniques based upon your needs. Ellen has received advanced training in Pregnancy Massage and studied under the guidance of Carole Osborne, an internationally recognized expert in Pregnancy Massage.   Ellen dedicates extra attention to the mother’s comfort at every stage of pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is available for all expectant mothers following the completion of their first trimester which is 13 weeks and beyond.

Therapeutic Massage Treatments – $70 – 60 min/$95 – 90 min

Many clients get a massage for relaxation while others are referred to a massage therapist by their doctor to work a specific area of the body for pain relief. Common areas of concern that Ellen has addressed with clients include TMJ-D, sciatic pain, pinch nerve, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, headaches/migraines, upper and/or lower back pain, hip pain, frozen shoulder just to name a few.

Headache and Migraine Relief  $70 – 60 min

Utilizing very specific massage protocols for headaches/migraines, Ellen will work areas of tension that clients may not even be aware are tender in the neck, head, back and jaw.  Often times, after one session, clients leave our studio headache free or at minimum, feeling a significant reduction in pain.  Ellen will also review with you selfcare strategies you can do to help alleviate and/or aid in the prevention of future headaches and/or migraines.

Deep Tissue – $70-60 min/$95-90 min

Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Through slow, purposeful movements, Ellen will work in harmony with the fascia by releasing chronic tension areas or holding patterns that may be causing you pain or discomfort. NOTE: Deep tissue massage does not need to be painful in order to be effective!

Sports Massage – $70-60min/$95-90 min

Male or Female, professional athlete or weekend warrior, you’ll appreciate the flexibility and enhanced range of motion you will achieve after a sports massage session with Ellen. If you like deep tissue you will LOVE a sports massage.  It is deep tissue work at it’s finest…and it doesn’t hurt!  Book an appointment today and find out for yourself why a sports massage at Signature Massage is like no other!  It is by far one of Ellen’s most requested modalities for men.

Hot Stone – $70-60 min/$95-90 min 

The therapeutic benefits of a hot stone massage have been known for centuries. Warm stones and gentle pressure create the perfect blend to relieve stress and tension in your muscles and joints. The warmth of the stones provides Ellen the ability to access deeper muscle layers than through a traditional deep tissue massage. Imagine a luxurious melting experience of muscle tension through the comforting, therapeutic and penetrating qualities of heat.  The 90 minute session includes an optional chakra balancing if requested.  Utilizing a precious stone pendulum, Ellen will check each of your seven chakras for balanced energetic movement.  If blockages or energetic stagnation is discovered, she will utilize cranial sacral techniques to help create a chakra balance within the body.

LOMI LOMI – $150  (4-hand Lomi Lomi is available exclusively for our existing clientele!)

A massage deeply rooted in Polynesian traditions, Lomi Lomi means Loving Hands Massage in Hawaiian.  Long, fluid strokes; often synchronized between the two therapists, provide the ultimate sensory experience and has often been compared to gentle waves moving across the body.   The massage focuses on creating an unhindered flow of energy which allows for total relaxation and the letting go of old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that cause restrictions and stress within the cells of the body.  NOTE: 48 hour advance notice required and subject to therapist availability.

FIRE and ICE Body Polish – $125-90 min (A perfect spa treatment for individuals suffering from dry skin)

One of Signature Massage’s newest spa full body exfoliation treatments that has already become a client favorite with those people lucky enough to have been Ellen’s test clients!   This specialized body polish treatment includes a gentle microbuff polishing exfoliant that refines and improves skin texture; an organic finishing cream and a full body warming wrap that will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky for days. This unique Body Polish is a gentle; yet effective exfoliation and perfect for individuals with skin sensitivities or aged skin.

Hand and Foot Massage/Scrub  $18 – 15 minutes

Treat your hands and feet to a relaxing and luxurious experience.  Using a patented micro buff polishing scrub, your hands and feet will receive a gentle exfoliation, followed by a rich, organic finishing cream massage that is further enhanced with heated mitts and a hot towel treatment.  With heat, the moisturizing experience deepens, leaving your skin feeling nourished and silky smooth.  This treatment can be booked as a stand alone service or as an add on to any massage upon request.

Aroma Candle Massage $70-60 min/$95 – 90 min. 

This is the ultimate sensory massage experience!  A variety of unique aromas coupled with the ambiance created from the soft candle light creates a harmonious atmosphere, calming the nervous system and promoting relaxation. Your therapist will drizzle warmed candle oil made of coconut and essential oils of your choice.

“The KC Stretch” – a Therapeutic Treatment Protocol – $70-60 min/$95-90 min

Utilizing PNF, Myofascial, Thai and Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques, you will experience the ultimate in a stretching experience leaving you feeling lengthened, lighter and energetic. Sixty or 90 minute sessions are available. For optimal results, biweekly sessions are recommended. Clients who commit to a three month, 6 session stretch therapy program receive their 60 minute sessions at $65 each. Payment for all 6 sessions is required upfront.

Couples Massage (Traditional) – 60 min-$135/90 min-$185 

A traditional couples massage with Signature Massage is available in either a 60 min or 90 min session and includes two therapists working in tandem in one room.  It can also include an Aromatherapy candle experience upon request in which melted massage oil; scented with a relaxing, calming aroma of your choice is massaged into your areas of tension for a soft silky experience.  (NOTE:  A 48 hour advance notice is required and is subject to therapist availability.)

Bridal Massage Packages $70 & up

Planning a wedding can be an exciting, yet exhausting and stressful time in your life.  Signature Massage can minimize that stress by creating a unique and memorable massage program designed for you, your family and wedding party as your special day approaches.  Choose from one of our packages or let us customize a package just for you. Click here for more information.  (NOTE:   Two week advance notice is required)

Concierge Services/Onsite Corporate or Country Club Events

Ellen Hamilton is available to provide onsite massage services for individuals who maybe home bound or for visiting celebrities, sports figures and/or high profile clientele in the Kansas City area. A travel fee is added to her regularly priced services for this convenience that may range from $25-$50 depending upon the distance.