Nominate a Caregiver for a Free Massage

Each month, Christina and Ellen award a free massage to a deserving caregiver selected from a group of nominations made by clients and/or visitors to their website. The nominee can either be a family member who is the primary caregiver for someone in their immediate family or a medical professional within the hospice or nursing home field.

Through personal experience, both Christina and Ellen understand the stress associated with being a caregiver.  Often times, the caregiver’s own health is compromised because of their efforts in helping others. Through this program, Christina and Ellen are able to recognize the true “living angels” within our community.

Please email your nomination to  Include a short paragraph about this individual, what they do and why they are deserving of this free massage. Make sure you include their name, address and phone number as well as your contact information.  The recipient will receive a beautiful gift certificate from Signature Massage. They will also be informed who nominated them for this award, unless anonymity is requested.

Christina Kartsonis-Woltkamp and Ellen Hamilton

*  This program is dedicated to Christina’s mother, Stella, who lovingly cared for her husband Ernie on a daily basis to ensure his comfort during the last ten plus years of his life.  Ernie Kartsonis passed away on November 21, 2012.