Where an Hour Massage IS 60 minutes img-woman-round

HO HO HO! Holiday Gift Certificates now available! 

Spend $100 or more in gift certificates between now and Christmas and all gift certificates purchased will include a coupon for a FREE hand and foot scrub (an $18 value) as a special add-on service.

NOVEMBER SPECIAL:  Book an appointment with us anytime during the month of November, and you will receive a complimentary 10 minute or more dynamic cupping session included in your 60 or 90 minute massage!   If you’ve never had a cupping session, now would be the time to experience what “the buzz” is all about.  Cupping enhances circulation which promotes healing through a lifting process.  Ellen and Dawn use the cups as a massage tool so the cup will be in constant motion, which will result in no marks being left on your skin.  Please call 525-7171 or book your appointment online today


Signature Massage is growing by leaps and bounds.  Ellen’s 6-day work calendar continues to fill up quickly each and every week and clients are encouraged to book ahead of time in order to get their preferred day and timeframe with Ellen.  In order to accommodate this growth, we are pleased to announce the addition of Dawn Chandler to our list of massage therapy service providers.  A seasoned therapist who specializes in deep tissue and has over 10 years experience in the therapeutic and chiropractic arena, Dawn will be a great addition to our staff.  Her availability is primarily  all day Saturdays and Monday through Thursday evening appointments from 4-7 pm upon request.

Please welcome Dawn to Signature Massage!

NOTE:  Updated Booking Guidelines.  If you have a preference on therapist, it is critical for you to select your therapist first from the pull done menu on Full Slate and then checking availability from that point.    If you have no preference, simply select your time preference and the Scheduling software will automatically default to Ellen only if she is available…..otherwise your appointment will be with Dawn if she is available.   We cannot stress enough the importance of booking ahead of time (preferrably at the end of an appointment) to ensure you get your preferred day and time slot.  Evening, Friday and Saturdays have become prime appointment times.  As a courtesy to other clients wanting to get in and to our therapists, we would GREATLY appreciate a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.   Sunday appointment times are no longer available via the online booking system and are reserved for existing clients only and ONLY upon request. Thank you so much for your patronage and never hesitate to call or text Ellen directly at 816-525-7171 if you have any questions regarding your appointment, services, the scheduling process and/or if you are having a hard time getting in during a particular timeframe.

So tell me more about Signature Massage….

Utilizing innovative bodywork and massage techniques from around the world, you’ll soon experience something unique about a massage at Signature Massage of Kansas City.

Ellen Hamilton, owner and founder,  received her formal training from the nationally recognized TruMantra massage school in the Sedona, Arizona area called ASIS  (Arizona School of Integrative Studies). During her training, she was exposed to a number of massage modalities unique to the Midwest.   They include Cranial Sacral, Polarity, Ayurvedic, Thai Yoga and Shiatsu.  Swedish, deep tissue, connective tissue and neurological muscular therapy (NMT) are of course included in her protocols. You will find her approach to massage treatment often includes a blending of these modalities.

Her core services are affordable and include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Thai Massage, Dynamic Cupping, Salt Glows/Body Polishing and a customer favorite – The SIGNATURE which is a blending of Swedish and deep tissue techniques. She also develops personal massage protocols for individuals who present specific health concerns they may be dealing with such as TMJ disorder, sciatic pain, headaches and lower and/or upper back pain.  She recently developed a sports massage protocol which is becoming quite popular with golfers and runners.

Periodically, you will have the opportunity to experience a featured Signature Massage technique.  This  will allow you to benefit from effective, yet innovative bodywork practices from around the world designed for relaxation,energy and/or pain relief.

Infant Massage of Kansas City operates under the umbrella of Signature Massage. Christina Kartsonis-Woltkamp, a certified parent educator through Infant Massage USA, directs the program which includes parental instruction on infant massage in a classroom setting or through in-home visits.

We welcome you to Signature Massage and look forward to an ongoing relationship with you which promotes health and well-being of your body, mind and spirit.

Ellen J. Hamilton, BS/LMT        
Licensed in Arizona and Missouri

Christina Kartsonis-Woltkamp, BS/CEIM        
Certified Educator of Infant Massage

Dawn Chandler, LMT